Housing Counseling & Foreclosure Prevention

Skyline CAP, Inc. is a HUD-approved housing counseling agency. Counselors are available to assist with all aspects of buying a home and owning a home. Housing counseling is provided without regard to income, race, religion, or national origin. The Comprehensive Housing Counseling Program at Skyline CAP provides services completely free of charge.

NEWS UPDATE : Did you know it is illegal for someone to charge you to modify your home mortgage? Read this update from Neighborworks America or watch the video to learn more. Contact one of Skyline's Housing Counselors for the assistance you need.


Areas of Service

First-TIme Home-Buyers Program offers budgeting and home buyer education information to clients wishing to purchase a home. During this educational process, budgeting skills are taught, as well as investigation into and cleaning up of credit history. Additionally, sections on legal aspects of home purchasing and homeownership, insurance issues, Fair Housing issues, predatory lending, home maintenance, and mortgage shopping skills are learned.

Resolving or Preventing Mortgage Delinquency or Default (Foreclosure Prevention) includes one-on-one and group counseling in the following areas: restructuring debt, establishing reinstatement plans, seeking loan forbearance and managing household finances. This area of focus assists clients that are affected by predatory lending, foreclosure prevention and education, and pursuing loss mitigation strategies. For clients facing foreclosure, one-on-counseling will include direct negotiation with the lender with the goal of preventing the foreclosure.

Securing or Maintaining Residence in Rental Housing includes one-one-one counseling in the following areas: helping clients understand rental assistance programs, budgeting for rent payments, education on client’s and landlord’s rental rights, and the eviction process. Housing counselors do not find housing for clients, but are able to provide information and guidance about how to search for and select a rental home.

Shelter or Services for the Homeless includes one-on-one counseling to determine a client’s specific needs, both immediate and long-term. Referrals will be made to local agencies that can provide immediate assistance either in the form of housing or short-term financial assistance.

Fair Housing counseling includes assisting clients in evaluating the merits of a complaint and referring to a partner agency to complete the filing of a complaint under federal or state fair housing laws. For more information about your rights as well as available resources, check out our resource page.

Please beware of any person or organization charging a fee for any of these services. It could be a scam. To find out more about potential scams related to foreclosure prevention and mitigation, please watch this video from the Federal Trade Commission

How to Access Services

Contact our Housing Counselor to make an appointment by e-mail at HousingCounselor@skylinecap.org or 434-985-6066.

If you live outside Skyline's service area, click here to locate a housing counselor in your area.

Prepare for Your Appointment

If Skyline can help you, an appointment will be scheduled to discuss your need more in-depth and fill out the necessary paperwork.  You can begin that process by downloading the necessary forms and completing as much of the application in advance as you can.

Eligibility to Receive Services

Housing counseling is provided without regard to income, race, religion, or national origin.  Unlike most of Skyline’s services, housing counseling is also available to anyone without regards to income.


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