Parenting is both rewarding and challenging.  New parents may feel excitement and anticipation, but may also experience anxiety, worry and isolation. Raising a happy, healthy child is no easy task! While some parents have lots of support and minimal stress, others may benefit from the additional support offered by Healthy Families.

A nationally accredited non-profit home visitation program, Healthy Families is designed to assist families and their children, from birth to age 5. The program was originally formed by a national legislation to help prevent child abuse and neglect. Today, it has evolved into one that has an even broader mission. The core values of Healthy Families embrace promoting positive parenting, improving childhood outcomes and increasing family self-sufficiency.

Healthy Families is a particularly good fit for parents with multiple stressors, such as single parenthood, limited income, limited experience or knowledge about infant and child development, personal history of abuse, neglect or adverse childhood experiences, personal trauma and/or issues related to substance abuse, mental health or domestic violence.

If you know someone who can use the services of Healthy Families, please visit our referrals page.