Skyline CAP Recognized by Greene County Board of Supervisors

Skyline was honored to be recognized by the Greene County Board of Supervisors last night for “outstanding programs and services designed to empower families and individuals to become self-sufficient…” Fran Lavin, Executive Director, accepted the Certificate on behalf of Skyline, saying “Skyline feels very honored to have received the recognition. We will work hard to live up to and exceed the expectations implied by this acknowledgement.”

Skyline CAP Selects Housing Director

Several new additions have been made to Skyline CAP’s housing team, including Rachel Henderson who has been named Housing Director. With the additions of two housing counselors and a housing quality standards inspector, the team is poised to expand outreach to serve more of those in need.

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Skyline CAP announces new director

Francis “Fran” Lavin has joined Skyline Community Action Partnership (CAP), Inc. as its new executive director.

Lavin began his employment at the end of March, filling a spot left vacant by Kim Frye Smith who ended her tenure as the agency’s executive director Sept. 1. He grew up in the Chicago area and enjoyed a 28-year career in business before becoming a fourth and fifth grades teacher at B.F. Yancey in southern Albemarle. It was there that he began to learn about poverty.

“Over half of the students were on free and reduced lunch,” he said. “It was a window into poverty. My greatest take away was that those students have the greatest amount of potential as anyone, but less resources.”

Lavin said he experienced some successes as a teacher, but found he didn’t have the right personality for the rhythm of a classroom. He knew he wanted to stay community focused and work with non-profits. He began working in human service agencys learning the non-profit sector before joining Skyline CAP.

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